Film and Television   

APRA undertakes a monitoring service of overseas broadcasts of films and TV series in which APRA members have an interest. Broadcast data is received from the UK based company Essential Television Statistics (ETS) and covers 143 channels in 20 countries throughout Europe and Asia. This information is further supplemented by our own monitoring of foreign television program guides. This information is then used to provide the relevant society in the country concerned with the appropriate cue-sheet data and to ultimately ensure complete and accurate royalty accountings on behalf of members.

If you are aware of any foreign television broadcasts of your works, please submit the information below and e-mail to APRA.


Film and/or Television

Notification of Overseas broadcasts

Know your works are being performed overseas? Then complete the following form and submit it to APRA.

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While APRA will doing everything possible to collect the royalties on your behalf, please remember payment will be subject to the rules and sampling of the of the society where the broadcasts are taking place. For example there are no performance royalties paid on cinema screenings in the US and nearly all territories sample cable television.