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Welcome to the APRA AMCOS online cuesheet system for submitting music cue sheets
Our online cuesheet system is for registering the use of musical works in audiovisual productions, to help with the licensing of those works by the copyright owners.
This is not a public facility, to access the cuesheet system you must be registered as a client. To register as an online cuesheet client please email your contact details including name, address, production company and phone number with the subject 'Online Cuesheet Client Application' to onlinecues@apra.com.au
If you need any assistance please email onlinecues@apra.com.au or contact Ellie Redmond 09 623 4715 Email: ellie.redmond@apra.co.nz if you are a NZ client.
Members who wish to use this service to submit cuesheets should contact their respective Writer or Publisher Services representative or email: writer@apra.com.au / publisher@apra.com.au
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